A hospitality company with creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit

Arte Hospitality is a collection of artfully designed and locally-rooted concept that serve as an inspiration for the operation of our boutique hotels, luxury vacation residences and restaurants. Working collectively, each Arte property is able to offer an essence of enriching the local Miami experiences and amenities with a perception or feeling produced by stimulus. As a group, our team of experts work to find the art in bringing a new level of intentionality to hospitality using creativity and entrepreneurial vision resulting in an optimized and profitable operation. Grounding all of our practices in preserving what surrounds us, while working to foster the utmost personalized care and service throughout every detail, Arte Hospitality currently encompasses both the Bentley Hotel South Beach and Kaskades Hotel South Beach as well as luxury vacation residence with future plans to create concepts that continue to cultivate a sense of inspiration and wonder among our investors, clients, lenders and guests.

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Arte Hospitality is not related to or associated in any way with Sapir Corp and any of Sapir Corp's brands and sub-brands, including its Arte Surfside Project in Miami, Florida.